Are you also a manufacturer? Are you looking for suitable packaging for your products? Then you've come to the right place. We not only deliver packaging, we deliver a system! Renowned manufacturers around the world have already decided in favour of systainer® products, offering their customers maximum quality and added value! Whatever the manufacturer, our systainer® units are always compatible with each other ensuring your customers are able to profit from this comprehensive system!

As industry partners, we also offer the highest level of service in conjunction with our various systainer® solutions. Our services make your life simpler and ensure smooth procedures.

Here is an overview of our offerings:

  • Design – By using different colours for the individual components of your systainer®, its appearance can be adapted to your Corporate Design
    The perfect look coupled with perfect functionality
  • Printing – Customization of the systainer® puts the focus on your product
  • Labelling – It is possible to attach your individual label
  • Lettering – A variety of options are available for individual lettering.
  • Planning and sample construction – We can plan and construct the perfect interior to accommodate your product in our systainer®.
  • Packaging – You supply your product, we pack it into the systainer®
  • Dispatch – We deliver to the desired addresses, individual dispatch to the end customer is also available

We would like to have the opportunity to convince you that systainer® will suit your company perfectly. Whether for packaging as a container for marketing your own products, as an organizational system to provide safe and comprehensive storage, or as a presentation system for the perfect and appealing presentation of goods and products.

The systainer®: Packaging – Organizing – Presenting – Transporting.

Speak to us, we look forward to hearing from you and to the challenge of finding the ”perfect” systainer® for your needs!Contact »