Systematic design down to the very last detail !
Our systainer® are perfectly matched and connectable/combinable with each other in no time.
Why make it complicated if it can be so simple?

Stackable and linkable
That´s our motto! The systainer® will convince you in no time in everyday use. Fast linking of individual
units saves time and a lot of walking!
The systainer® towers can be carried by a single handle and thus offer a high degree of mobility.

One-hand operation

Lock, Open and Connect with only one turn and using only one hand.
One-hand operation

Opening when linked

Access the contents quickly and easily, without releasing the link.
Opening when linked

Additional front handle

The systainer® T-Loc I + II and MIDI-systainer® T-Loc II can also be carried upright by sliding an additional handle into the two front slots.
Additional front handle

Innovative labelling

Four slots in standardised cheque card format allow       
product labelling in all variations.
Innovative labelling

MINI-systainer® T-Loc

The ”small one” with all advantages of the
T-Loc. Combinable with systainer® T-Loc II - V.
MINI-systainer<sup>®</sup> t-loc

MIDI-systainer® T-Loc

The ”wide one” for even more applications. Connectable, also with systainer® T-Loc I - V, systainer® Tool-Box and systainer® Storage-Box.
MIDI-systainer<sup>®</sup> t-loc


With the established systainer® Classic Line series was the most important requirement of the systainer® T-Loc.

systainer® Tool-Box

The perfect tool box with many possible connection combinations.
systainer<sup>®</sup> Tool-Box

systainer® Storage-Box

Amazing capacity - store everything clearly organized and ready on and.
systainer<sup>®</sup> Storage-Box


If really big things have to be stored or carried, you will find a perfect partner by our MAXI-systainer®.

systainer® T-Loc “SYS-Combi“

systainer® above, drawer below: Connects to the reliable systainer® T-Loc with one drawer!
systainer<sup>®</sup> t-loc “sys-combi“

Sortainer T-Loc “SYS-Sort“

The perfect supplement: 3 drawers offer the greatest flexibility thanks to variable and individual positioning.
Sortainer t-loc “sys-sort“